Florida Is The Leader In The Country In Professional Relocations In 2021

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It’s well known that with approximately 900 new residents per day, Florida leads the nation in relocations. The most common association remains the thought of retirees giving up their colder and higher tax lifestyle elsewhere to live out their golden years with sunshine and low taxes. That’s no doubt still a big part of Florida’s relocation story. Over the past year, during the pandemic, we’ve been hearing stories of numerous corporate relocations to Florida and most recently the desire by many professionals to live here given the ability to remote work. Now we know just how pervasive business professionals relocating to Florida have been. 

In LinkedIn’s most recent Workforce Report, they highlighted relocations among business professionals over the past year. The report which tracks net migration, meaning it subtracts those who’ve left while adding those who’ve moved to a new location, found Florida dominating the list. The top metros in the country for net relocations of business professionals over the past year include Jacksonville at number one, Miami-Fort Lauderdale at number four, and at number seven Tampa Bay.

Notably, the entire state of Florida saw a net gain of $17.7 billion in earned income in their net migration report. So as Florida’s story continues to mature, we’re now at least as formidable for professional purposes as we are for retirees. It’s been said the pandemic took trends already in place and advanced them by a decade. The ability for many business professionals to work from anywhere combined with everything Florida has to offer has taken center stage. Also, there’s no indication in real-time that the trend is slowing down. 

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