Florida News That Impact You – April 30th, 2021

Florida’s trend for new COVID-19 cases improved for an 8th consecutive day. The Florida Department of Health reported 5,666 new cases on Thursday. This report is generally the highest during the week based on testing and reporting patterns.

In more COIVD news, over 8.7 million Floridians, or about 41% of the state’s population, have now been vaccinated with at least a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine including nearly 6.1 million who’ve completed a vaccine series. 

As Florida’s state legislative session is nearing its end, 25 laws passed in the session entering Thursday. Key movers on Thursday included the so-called “vaccine passport ban” and “election integrity legislation”. If signed by Governor DeSantis the vaccine passport legislation would take effect July 1st. Under the legislation businesses or schools requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccine would face a $5,000 fine per person. The bill also limits the emergency declaration powers of government at all levels.

As for the election integrity measures, under the bill, voter ID would be required for all vote-by-mail ballots, which would have to be requested each election cycle, along with updated signature matches for those ballots. Third parties who aren’t caregivers wouldn’t be able to drop off ballots. Drop boxes will have to be monitored and won’t be able to be moved within 30 days of an election.

Photo by: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

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