Top Three Takeaways For April 22nd, 2021

First, perception vs reality. 

Thirty-five percent is the decline in deaths resulting from officer-involved shootings this year compared to the past decade. News media in conjunction with political operatives are actively engaged in a potentially deadly game of manipulation. What’s happening with the reporting of officer-involved shootings is a different version of a similar thing to human trafficking. 

According to the Human Trafficking Hotline, an average of 32 people per day are lost to human trafficking in the United States. There’s never a shortage of victim's news media could choose to cover. Human trafficking is worse than ever in the United States, aided by Biden’s border policy.

Now, 27%. 

That’s the percentage increase in deaths of law enforcement professionals in the line of duty this year. We’re not only seeing a spike in LOD’s this year, we’re pacing a record number of law enforcement deaths. This after last year was the deadliest since at least 1932. So, there’s a 35% decline in officer-involved shooting deaths at the same time there’s a 27% increase in law enforcement deaths. How much safer and better off would society be if news media focused as much attention on say, human trafficking, as they do on attempting to make law enforcement professionals out to be racists? Surely, we can at least agree that the average human trafficker is more dangerous than the average police officer. Not that you’d know it based on news coverage.

That escalated quickly.

Talk about the unraveling of affairs within the Broward School District. First, we learned the district was the victim of a ransomware attack by the notorious Conti hacker group. After refusing to pay a $40 million ransom nearly 26,000 files were released. But wait. There was more. Much more. Less than a day later Broward school Superintendent Robert Runcie was arrested for perjury and General Counsel for the School District Barbara Myrick was arrested for unlawful disclosure of grand jury proceedings. Both, by the FDLE. 

While we don’t know the details because they’re part of an ongoing grand jury investigation, we do know that in January, the School District’s Chief Information Officer was arrested for bid-rigging and bribery regarding a $17 million technology contract. There are more questions than answers at this point but is this all a coincidence or is it all related? And by that, I mean right down to the ransomware hack. Was the District operating with inferior technology because of a kickback scheme that was known to Runcie and Myrick? Or are all of the alleged offenses offshoots of a potential of corrupted culture at the School District?

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