Criminal Illegal Aliens Released By President Biden in Florida

On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis issued his second legal challenge against the Biden administration. Unlike the lawsuit against the CDC’s “no sail” order, this week’s lawsuit isn’t about luxuries. It’s regarding one of the most basic functions of the federal government on public safety that the Biden administration is deliberately derelict in duty of performing. 

Removing criminal illegal immigrants from Florida. In a world that is seemingly ever more upside down, the Biden administration has refused to have ICE use the customary detainer requests to remove criminal illegal immigrants from Florida upon the completion of their prison sentences. With the federal government refusing its responsibility to enforce even the most basic of its duties, to remove illegal immigrants who are also convicted criminals upon the completion of a prison sentence, Florida officials are left with no choice but to release criminal illegal immigrants back into society.

During the most recent full year of reporting, 2019, there were 10,008 ICE detainers used in Florida. That’s an average of over 27 per day. Now, due to the intentional negligence of the Biden administration, these criminals are released back into our society. What would criminal illegal immigrants do once they’re released back into our society? And is there any question but that Florida is less safe? The only non-negotiable of the President of the United States is to uphold the Constitution and protect us. He’s doing neither and he’s purposefully made Florida less safe for political considerations. Notice how much coverage news media gave to Governor DeSantis’s suing the CDC? Notice how little they’re giving to this. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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