Florida's Proposed Infrastructure Plan; What It Would Mean

While it appears unlikely that President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” will pass as proposed, it is likely that at a minimum, elements of what are in it will come to pass. So, what would that mean for Florida? The Biden administration outlined a two-page document with what they feel should happen here. 

Without specifics about how the items would be addressed if the bill were passed, it does highlight areas that theoretically would be addressed. Among them: 

  • 408 bridges and 3,564 miles of highway which are currently rated in “poor condition”
  • Increased use of public transportation 
  • Resilient Infrastructure (this sounds similar to what the state is working on this session)
  • Enhanced drinking water infrastructure
  • Increased affordable housing developments
  • Broadband for all – Currently 6% of Floridians lack access
  • Increased capacity for caregivers
  • Increased childcare centers
  • Revitalization of Florida’s manufacturing plants
  • Creation of a low-income tax credit programs for home energy improvements 
  • Creation of carbon capture and “clean energy” manufacturing facilities
  • VA infrastructure improvements

You get a flavor of how wide-reaching many of the proposals are that extend well beyond the general understanding of standard infrastructure. You also get an idea on what the administration's agenda for our state would theoretically be if this were to become law.

Photo by: Getty Images

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