Q&A – Do More Minorities Really Want Voter ID Than Whites?

Today’s entry: Brian, maybe I misheard you but I thought you said more minorities are in favor of voter ID than whites. Is that really true or did I hear you wrong?

Bottom Line: Nope, you heard exactly what I said and it’s true according to a recent Rasmussen Report. The reason it probably seems odd to you is due to the conditioning we’ve all been subjected to by Democrats and their allies in the news media. Voter ID has long been one of at least two issues in which broad majorities of minorities are supportive and yet most elected Democrats stand opposed. School vouchers/school choice is the other. 

This speaks to something I’ve frequently covered when discussing these issues. Most people want to ensure we have honest and fair elections, and most parents want the best possible education for their children. This includes majorities of voters who identify as Democrats and most commonly vote for them.

The Rasmussen Report from March 17th polled on voter ID. Asked these two questions. First, should voters be required to show photo identification such as a driver’s license before being allowed to vote? Second, do laws requiring photo identification at the polls discriminate against some voters?

On the first question, 75% of Americans said there should be a required photo ID to vote. This included 82% of Asians and Hispanics, 75% of Whites and 69% of Blacks. Regarding the second question, 60% said photo ID doesn’t discriminate against anyone. While it’s still a solid majority, it’s a significant 15% drop-off from one’s personal preference. A slight majority of Democrats surveyed said it is discriminatory against some. This illustrates how these voters have been manipulated by elected Democrats who advocate against voter ID and the news media which depicts voter ID as discriminatory. 

It’s a travesty that these voters are misled and manipulated by politicians and news media. The “why” plays into the school voucher conservation as well. Call me old fashioned but I believe elected officials should represent their constituents, not manipulate them. 

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