There Is No Place Like Working From Home For Floridians

We’re over a year from the onset of lockdowns which led to most traditional office spaces closing. The advent of the remote work model which pushed Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings into the center of most business professionals' lives. A year later a lot has changed. People are shaving and dressing professionally before Zoom meetings. Masks have become a standard part of our wardrobe. when we do occasionally meet someone in person.

Early in the pandemic numerous surveys showed most employees wanted to be able to go back to the office. That was probably in part due to the desire to not be locked down and to be able to get back to life as usual. But as employees and businesses have become better and more efficient at the remote work model, most no longer want to. Not to mention the time saved in traffic and the savings on gas.

On that note, Real Estate researcher Clever found that 63% of remote workers don’t want to return to the office. In fact, 30% stated they intend to work remotely, even if it means changing companies to be able to do so. These are big numbers which will likely lead to permanent change. Especially in a state like ours with an unemployment rate already at 4.7%. As competition for employees increases and with most employees wanting remote work options, many companies will probably adjust accordingly.

One other takeaway from the story, masks will likely be the norm for the foreseeable future. Turns out, 62% of employees feel companies should make masks mandatory for in office work.

Photo by: Getty Images

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