Florida News That Impact You – March 25th, 2021

The Florida Department of Health reported 5,143 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday. The total was higher than the prior week’s total which led to a second consecutive day of a rising weekly trend in cases which now stands at 4,662 cases over the past week.

Over 5.2 million Floridians have now been vaccinated according to the FDOH’s vaccine report. This includes 2.85 million Floridians who’ve now completed the vaccination process.

In a first of its kind determination, a Florida public school teacher has been fired for medical marijuana use. The Brevard County School District said Space Coast High School teacher Allison Enright’s use of medical marijuana is a violation of a drug-free workplace policy. While Florida has authorized the use of medical marijuana, the federal government still regulates marijuana as a schedule one drug, making it illegal in all forms.

Zoo Miami announced an endangered black rhino was born at the zoo February 24th. Named Circe, the baby rhino is in the process of being introduced to the public habitat and will soon be available for zoo patrons to see.

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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