Q&A – Why I’ll Get The COVID Vaccine & Which One

Today’s entry: Are you going to get it? You trust them?

Bottom Line: Yes, and yes. If you’re familiar with my approach to stories and life, you know I’m completely information driven. That’s why I will be seeking out a COVID vaccine as soon as I’m eligible. As for that vaccine, it’ll be the Moderna or Pfizer. This is simply a case of going exactly where the facts take us. Starting with the safety/trust factor. According to the CDC, there are no known deaths attributed to the three US approved COVID-19 vaccines.

Still, I understand the skepticism and it’s not as though there haven’t been adverse reactions monitored from the vaccines. CDC and FDA scientists have evaluated reports from people who experienced a type of severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurred in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS. This kind of allergic reaction almost always occurs within 30 minutes after vaccination. Fortunately, vaccination providers have medicines available to effectively and immediately treat patients who experience anaphylaxis following vaccination.

Now, let's talk about the vaccines themselves. Johnson & Johnson is 66% effective at prevention, 85% at preventing severe effects, and 100% at preventing death. The Moderna vaccine is 94% effective at prevention and essentially 100% at preventing severe effects/death. Lastly, the Pfizer is 95% effective at prevention and essentially 100% at preventing severe effects/death. While they’re all effective at preventing death, the efficacy to prevent infection is vastly different between the three. My goal isn’t just to avoid death, I don’t want to become infected. That makes the two-step vaccination process worth it to me.

Now, regarding “trust”. I’m not sure how helpful this may or may not be but perspective on who you’re trusting might be useful. You’re not trusting the federal government/related agencies because all they’ve done is verify the efficacy of these vaccines and studied outcomes. You’re trusting Moderna, Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer. I’m willing to bet you have at least one product by at least one of those companies in your house right now.

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