Are First Doses Of Moderna & Pfizer Vaccines More Effective Than J&J’s?

I came across compelling new research on the efficacy of the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, that likely also is similar for the Moderna. Based on a recent study from the Sheba Medical Center in Israel and related follow up research from the Public Health England, the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and likely Moderna vaccine, are far higher than we’d originally heard. Potentially, far higher than even the one-dose J&J vaccine as well.

The original studies showing the efficacy of the first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the 50%+ range were based on samples taken ten days after immunizations. The subsequent cited research revealed the vaccine hadn’t fully run its course of usefulness at that point. In the subsequent studies I’ve cited, the full efficacy proved to be 85% according to the Sheba Medical Center and 89% according to Public Health England’s research. If accurate, and there’s no indication otherwise, the Pfizer vaccine and probably Moderna as well, would potentially be more effective than the one-dose J&J vaccine at 66% efficacy for infection prevention.

Notably, Dr. Eileen Marty, the world-renowned FIU’s immunologist told me shortly after the J&J was approved, she thought it should be a two-dose schedule as well. She also indicated that while she thought you should take whatever vaccine you have access to, her preference was the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. None of this new information changes the efficacy of the J&J, it does potentially show the extent to which the Modera and Pfizer may be superior, even with the first dose.

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