UPDATE: Three Dead, One Hurt As Small Plane Crashes In Pembroke Pines

Update: 3/16

Pembroke Pines Fire officials confirm a child who was inside a SUV hit by a plane moments before it crashed has died at the hospital. The two people inside the Beachcraft Bonanza also died.


Two people are dead after a single engine Beachcraft Bonanza crashes shortly after takeoff from North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines.

A wrecked SUV is on scene as well, reportedly hit by the plane. An adult and a child inside the SUV were rushed to the hospital in serious condition as firefighters sprayed water and foam on the plane's wreckage.

It appears a car may also be involved with crews helping rescue people from inside that vehicle as firefighters spray water and foam on what appears to be the wreckage of the plane.

Officers ask drivers to stay away from Southwest 72 Avenue between Southwest 11th Street and Pembroke Road.

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