How The “COVID-Relief” Bill Sells Out Floridians

Last week the Heritage Foundation broke out eight effectual points illustrating just how bad of an idea the bill fraudulently referred to as COVID-relief happens to be. Two, in particular, really drove home the fact that only 9% of the bill has anything to do with actual economic relief for Americans. Right behind it was the reality of just how abusive the bill is for the average household.

The average cost of the proposed legislation per US household is $14,000. That means even if you’re to receive a $1,400 check, and not everyone will, it’ll cost you $14,000 in long-term tax liability plus interest to receive. Politicians supporting this economic fraud count on lemmings in the news media talking about $1,400 checks and you wanting to get your hands on it. What they don’t tell you is that literally the government doesn’t have anything to give you without taking it from you first. We quite literally fund the government with the taxes we pay, the government doesn’t fund us. That concept should be simple enough for even the least informed to understand. But what we’ve discussed thus far is what it means to the average American. The news is considerably worse when we isolate the impact to Floridians.

No state is more negatively impacted by the fraudulent COVID-relief bill than Florida. That’s because the majority of the debt spending is steered to bailout economic failing states like California, Illinois and New York. And economic failing cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. You’re fiscally responsible, you pay your bills on time and are able to save money by making some personal sacrifices when it comes to spending on frivolous things. Your neighbor, who bought a house they couldn’t afford, with cars to match and who has maxed out their credit cards is about to go bankrupt. But instead of your neighbor being held accountable for their irresponsible behavior, you have the government takeaway your savings to pay for the neighbor’s unsustainable debt.

How is this being done? Rather than having “direct aid” aimed equitably across the country based on population, Democrats who’ve crafted this have based aid to states and cities on the unemployment rate. All top ten beneficiaries all badly mismanaged Democrat run states. This is a direct fleecing of Floridians, fleecing of your family, to provide for the Andrew Cuomo’s and Gavin Newsome’s of the country. Every Democrat in Florida in Congress supported this. This means Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings, Lois Frankel, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and Frederica Wilson sold you out. It’s important that you realize they’re not representing your interests. They are selling you out for their own political interests.

While Florida’s Senators Rubio and Scott will oppose the financial theft of Floridians, they’ll need to be at least one Democrat in the Senate who will put those they serve over the political party they adhere to in Washington. The question is if there’s even one elected Democrat in Washington willing to do the right thing.

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