Florida News That Impact You – March 1st, 2021

Florida’s COVID trend continued to decrease through the weekend. With around 5,500 new cases reported Saturday and Sunday, Florida’s weekly trend for daily cases has once again fallen to its lowest level since November 14th.

More than 3 million total vaccinations have now taken place in Florida. Including about 1.3 million Floridians who’ve received a first dose of a COVID vaccine. About 1.7 million Floridians completed the two-dose schedule.

On a related note, Governor DeSantis said the just approved J&J one-dose vaccine will be making its way into Florida this week. DeSantis is expected to announce expanded eligibility for COVID vaccines coinciding with the arrival of these vaccines later in the week.

The University of Florida and Florida State have announced plans for students to return to in-person education and activities on campus. FSU said they’ll resume classroom education for summer semester classes which start Mary 10th. Additionally, both Florida State and the University of Florida will hold in-person graduation ceremonies for Spring semester grads.

Florida, Fish & Wildlife has taken the first steps to limit breeding and the sale of multiple invasive species within our state. New rules have been set to phase out the commercial sale of iguanas, monitors, pythons and tegus. FFWC voted to move the reptiles to Florida’s prohibited list. This limits the use of the animals for zoo exhibits, and research purposes. The new rules will be phased in through June 30th of 2024 when the sale of all invasive reptiles will be banned. 180 days after rules are finalized owners of these reptiles will have to apply for a zero-cost permit to own them.

Photo by: Getty Images

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