Top Three Takeaways For February 22nd, 2021

The percentage of human traffickers operating within the United States who are illegal immigrants based on data from the Polaris Project is 77.5%. A term that the Biden administration won’t even allow federal employees to use anymore. That’s because in the earliest weeks of the Biden administration the priority has been to end the use of the terms “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” while also ending the most effective federal operation to combat human sex trafficking in the United States.

ICE’s Operation Talon was responsible for the removal of 15 illegal alien sex traffickers/offenders daily with an average of 1 in Florida. Yet the operation is no more because the Biden administration has sided with those seeking to end ICE operations over the safety of our country, our families and our state. ICE has been ordered to only detain those who’ve been convicted in the courts of a felony. This means illegal immigrants, who can’t be called such out of political correctness, may traffic women and children and only risk ICE detention for deportation if they’ve been convicted in the courts.

Mysecond takeaway. The number of Americans lost to human trafficking per day is 32. This according to data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline. On average, 25 of those 32 victims are the result of actions of illegal immigrants. Obviously the most successful way to combat human trafficking is curb illegal immigration in the first place. Instead, not only has the Biden administration ended Operation Talon to proactively takeout human trafficking rings by illegal immigrants, we’ve imported over 25,000 illegal immigrants previously detained in Mexico. Additionally, the construction of the border wall, credited as the most effective tool to combat illegal immigrants by Customs and Border Patrol, has been ended by President Biden.

Lastly, the number of Floridians lost to Human Trafficking per day, that's 2.5. Thank you to AG Ashley Moody for standing up to the Biden administration and drawing attention to this issue.Maybe more in the news media would care if it were one of their loved ones lost to human sex trafficking by illegal immigrants – or maybe it’d still be the priority to provide cover for the president of their preferred political party. Either way it’s unfortunate. Both at the state and federal level we’d been making progress to combat human trafficking. What’s just happened by the Biden administration is the biggest step backward I’ve witnessed.

Photo by: Getty Images North America