Top Three Takeaways For January 22nd, 2021

Rules for thee not for me.

The inauguration was the highest-profile example of this we’ve seen during the pandemic. While numerous lockdown hypocrites have been exposed across the country, as they lock their constituents down only to do what they say can’t be done, we’ve not seen anything quite like the Inaugural. I considered making this one of my takeaways yesterday in the immediate aftermath of the ceremony, however, I wanted to see how this might be addressed in news media or by experts like Dr. Fauci.

For example, Dr. Fauci called the Rose Garden ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett a “super-spreader” event, yet was silent as our newly minted President and Vice-President were among the many leaders who hugged away as the world watched. Kudos to Bernie Sanders for not being a hypocrite. Anyway, mum was the word from your news media as well. Now, it’s worth noting all these leaders and dignitaries have been vaccinated and they were wearing masks.

Leading by example.

For four years we were often told that President Trump’s example led to a greater divide in the country and was even responsible for inciting violence at the Capitol. He was impeached for allegedly doing just that. I suppose today if all were to just say to hell with social distancing and started publicly hugging away, we could blame the new administration, right? Of course, that’d be absurd, after all, we’re all accountable for our own actions. That’s also why it was a false narrative advanced by your news media for four years and is even more absurd in the context of the impeachment of President Trump for incitement.

There was an illustration at the inauguration which I genuinely hope will set an example. The national anthem. Before the anti-American rants of Colin Kaepernick and his merry band of ignorant ingrates, the national anthem wasn’t controversial. And for those who understand both the official US Code, pertaining to how we are to conduct ourselves during the national anthem and what it represents, what we’ve witnessed play out in our society has been a front to freedom and those who’ve sacrificed for it. Notably, everyone in attendance, starting with President Biden and Vice President Harris stood with hands over hearts as Lady Gaga sang the anthem. Let that be the positive example that transcends the Inauguration.

True test of unity.

To impeach or not to impeach. That is the question. Without a doubt, it would be more unifying for this country if an impeachment trial in the Senate targeting Donald Trump isn’t held. Moreover, it’s specifically detrimental to President Biden’s administration if they take time away from confirming administration officials, judicial confirmations, and fast-moving legislation to try to take out a president who is already out of office. Right now is the true test of President Biden. If he’s serious about unity, he’ll lead by calling on his party to stand down. Also, we’ll know whether he’s truly leading his party or is a figurehead who is being led. These next 48 hours will be the real tell about what we can expect for the next 48 months.

Photo By: Getty Images

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