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Today’s entry: Brian, something I didn’t hear you discuss yesterday in addressing President Trump’s legacy, judges. Didn’t he set records for the number of federal judges confirmed?

Bottom Line: Yesterday when I was addressing President Trump’s place in history, I focused specifically on the two aspects of the Presidency which he is most responsible for as Commander-In-Chief. The defense and protection of the country and the American people and by aiding in the improvement of the quality of life through economic opportunity. That’s not to diminish the importance of the president’s role in shaping the judiciary. As we’re aware that’s an altruistic thought in theory that commonly isn’t borne out in reality with many high-profile cases.

President Trump time and again delivered on major agenda items. His administration featured a net de-escalation of military conflict around the world, with fewer troops deployed at the end of his administration than at the onset of it. This as his administration quickly crushed the caliphate of ISIS in the early months of his presidency. He reached historic peace deals in the middle east with the Abraham Accords. Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates now recognize Israel for the first time in history. This after he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy there. President Trump successfully built over 400 miles of border wall, prioritizing the highest impact areas which contributed to a greater than 50% decline in illegal immigration at our Southern Border. He also created a new branch of the Defense Department, Space Force.

As for the economy, President Trump’s lessening of regulations, comprehensive tax reform, and strategic use of tariffs along with the renegotiation of trade deals led the country to enjoy record prosperity prior to the pandemic. This included achieving 3%+ economic growth, record low unemployment rates, and record-high earnings for every minority group prior to the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, the S&P 500 averaged a remarkable 17% annual return during his four years as president. That performance exceeds the average annual rate of return by an incredible 70%.

As for the pandemic, President Trump’s early pandemic claims of having a COVID-19 vaccine available by the end of 2020 delivered. Not only did President Trump’s private-public partnership known as Operation Warp Speed deliver on his promise of a vaccine by the end of 2020, but it also helped produce two with more on the way. President Trump’s efforts will continue to provide opportunities and save lives well into the future. His administration delivered time and again on his promises often doing what critics said couldn’t be done.

Now, let's talk about President Trump's legacy on judges. It’s historic and many on the right who currently are displeased with now Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, should stop and realize his critical role in adding President Trump’s historic effort to confirm federal judges. President Trump’s judicial legacy is one which is shared with McConnell, else it wouldn’t have been possible. Indeed, President Trump had a near-record for the number of confirmed federal judges for a one-term president with a total of 245.

The record among all presidents remains Ronald Reagan’s 402 confirmed federal judges. The question now becomes whether this legal legacy has legs. With hard-left Democrats calling for the “packing of the courts”, it’s possible the relevance of President Trump’s successes with the judiciary could be mitigated. It remains somewhat unlikely court-packing occurs, as it would require the end of the legislative filibuster which at least one Democrat in the Senate whose vote would be needed to change the rules, Joe Manchin, has stated he wouldn’t support.

The balance of President Trump’s record in all respects is consequential. It’s clear from his record on matters of national defense and peace to his economic achievements and his judicial track record.

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