Q&A - What’s The Future For Talk Radio And The Country? Pt. 2

Relative to talk radio’s role in all of this, much of it isn’t quantifiable. Without getting into the weeds of numbers and analysis, I can tell you that the reach of the medium has never been greater. Much of it is driven by the proliferation of live streaming shows and podcasts. Many of those connecting through streaming and podcasts are newcomers to the format and often to politics. Now, that being said, I have the benefit of reading vast amounts of feedback from listeners daily.

There are untold numbers of stories I’ve received and continue to receive of those who have been impacted by the medium and most specifically their favorite hosts. Not to mention, if the medium wasn’t effective politically, why would the left spend so much time and effort attempting to demonize and trying to take us out? As for Sean, Mark, and Rush, I certainly can’t speak for them but have been blessed to have had them as mentors and I'm clear about what compels them to do what they do. It’s the passion for their beliefs, a love for this country, and a sense of responsibility to make a difference.

There is so much more than meets the eye that is quantifiably achieved by virtue of the work that goes on behind the scenes. I’m sorry to be cryptic that way but let’s just say that through resources expended, sources, contacts, and access, it's where real investigative work still takes place. It’s what personally drives me to do what I do. I haven’t spent the past 20+ years doing this in a calculated effort to attempt to get more people to vote for conservatives/Republicans. I view the political considerations as peripheral matter. It’s my belief that once you know the truth, understand the uniqueness of our Constitution and come to understand why, for example, the federal poverty level in the United States provides a standard of living that is double that of the average person around the world, the rest takes care of itself.

There’s a desperate need for facts to be established and the truth to be told. Hence my saying that there are two sides to stories and one side to facts. In today’s media landscape especially, there’s not only a dearth of truth being told, and facts established prior to opinion journalism, there’s commonly an ulterior motive. Often, it’s politically motivated, and commonly it's ratings-driven. It’s a disservice to the constitutional function of news media.

And anytime you doubt what I’m saying just take a step back and look at Florida.

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