Q&A - What’s The Future For Talk Radio And The Country? Pt. 1

Today’s entry: Since we now know that nothing that anyone says in conservative talk radio will make a difference at the polls. And since we now know that 'the left' essentially owns everything, polls. polling machines, the courts, schools, universities, media, all of social media, and that nothing conservatives do from here on out will actually change a thing.

What do people like Sean, Mark or Rush hope to accomplish now, other than to simply continue their 30-year narration of the downfall of a once-great nation. And, of course, additional book sales? They spent the last 30 years winning the ARGUMENT. While the left won the war. Would be interesting to hear your perspective on that.

Bottom Line: Your question is a great one, something I considering as a matter of self-evaluation from time to time and warrants being addressed at a time like this when many conservatives are soul-searching. I’m going to answer your question and address your topic by respectfully rejecting your premise regarding the influence, or perception of the lack thereof, regarding this medium politically. And rather than speaking about broad political themes, I’ll start with a look at our state first.

For the better part of twenty years, most political analysts have viewed Florida as the future of the United States. The reasons go far beyond Florida simply having been a large swing-state. If you look at national demographics, Florida most closely resembles the overall composition of the country, given our wealth of diversity. With that in mind, let’s set aside everything that happened this cycle outside of our state for a moment.

Let's start with Republican voter registration. It set records and is now nearly at parity with Democrats for the first time in our state’s history. Furthermore, Donald Trump grew his margin of victory in Florida from 1.2% in 2016 to 3.4% and Republicans flipped two Congressional seats from Democrats and four seats in the statehouse.

All of that culminated in Florida now having more elected Republicans than at any other time in the state’s history. It was the most successful election cycle for conservatives in Florida’s history. My point in mentioning this isn’t to dodge your question. It’s precisely to illustrate that your inference is incorrect that the ship has sailed politically for conservatives in this country. If you believe Florida is the future of the country, as again, most do when they’re addressing the issue, think about what this election cycle represents in context.

In the second part of today’s Q&A, I’ll specifically speak to talk radio’s place in the context of this conversation.

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