Florida News That Impacts You - Nov. 19th

These are some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida.

Let start with the Florida Department of Health. They reported more than 7,900 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, that's the 2nd highest total since early August. The weekly trend of cases has now risen to more than 6,700 daily, the highest since August 12th. on a related note, the Florida Department of Education stated classroom education options must remain open to Floridians during the pandemic. Approximately 55% of students are using classroom education statewide, with around 45% of South Floridians opting for classroom education.

In other news, Doral-based Carnival Cruise lines has extended its cancelation of cruises through at least January at all ports. Select ports have been canceled through February. No cruises have disembarked from American ports since April.

Finally, a ten-year study conducted by ocean watchdog organization Oceana, shows over 1,800 animals have been negatively impacted by plastic waste in our oceans and waterways. Eighty percent of species impacted are already categorized as “threatened”, with many endangered species impacted as well. Two of the most negatively impacted sea creatures are prominent in Florida’s waters. Sea turtles and manatees.

Photo by: John Moore/Getty Images

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