2020 Elections; Top Three Takeaways Nov. 19th

Top Three Takeaways for November 19th.

First of all, it’s not about changing the outcome of the Presidential Election. The drumbeat grows louder by the day from the 90%+ members of news media who wanted Joe Biden to be President-Elect anyway. The legal challenges won’t change the outcome, nor will recounts, nor will an act of God. I’m kidding about the last one. Anyway, the point is this. Most news outlets, which decided Joe Biden was President-Elect on November 7th, thus inherently invalidating in their eyes, any lawful pursuit of recounts and audits of questionable voting practices in key states with close margins. After all, to acknowledge the validity of recounts and legal challenges, would undermine their contention that the election was over on the 7th when news media outlets determined that they, not you nor the Constitution, decide who is President-Elect and when that happens. But I did start out by saying this is not about changing the outcome of the Presidential Election. 

So, let's continue to the second takeaway. Why are recounts and audits so important? Did Georgia’s recount flip the state from Biden to Trump? No. Was it hugely significant? Yes. As it turned out there were three counties which were found to have never counted about 3,000 votes! As it turns out the majority of those uncounted votes broke for Trump but that’s almost beside the point. Were there state elections impacted by those uncounted votes? Yes. Were there local elections affected? Yes. Does every lawful voter deserve to have their vote counted? Yes. Did these findings show the importance of having recounts and audits? Hell yes! By the way, aside from the impact in state and local elections of these better counted late than never votes, it’s resulting in the change in processes and leadership in each of those counties which will hopefully result in better run elections in the future, like where the voter's votes are actually counted, for example. And by the way, when it comes to the future of Georgia elections you just might have noticed that the future is January 5th with the two most important runoff elections in the history of the US Senate. But still all you hear from most news media is that it didn’t change the result. By the way, do you think three counties in Georgia are the only counties in this country where like problems exist?

Lastly, the failed elections in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in 2018. How does this relate? Did any elections flip as a result of the extensive investigations into misfeasance and unlawful vote tabulating by Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher in 2018? Sure, I could quibble over the fact that Matt Caldwell led Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner's race the last time a legal vote was tabulated in Florida, but that happened prior to the investigations running their course. Technically no election outcomes were altered by the audits and investigations into Broward and Palm Beach Counties' elections practices. But by going the distance to identify unlawful practices and removing both compromised election supervisors, look how much better off we are just two years later. That’s what this is about everywhere where questionable election practices played out this year. This isn’t about Trump as much as it is two important considerations. First, there’s as much transparency as possible, sufficient to convince as many Americans as possible that the Presidential Election wasn’t stolen. Second, to shine the light on flawed voting systems and corrupt/incompetent elections officials so that other states run elections like we just did in Florida. That’s what this is about. And this is one more major reason why we all deserve better than our repugnant major news media.

Photo by: Joe Skipper/Getty Images

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