Q&A – Done With Fox News? What Now? Who Can You Trust?

Today’s entry: Brian, I feel betrayed by Fox News and like I have nowhere to go for information anymore outside of radio and blogs. I’ve started watching OAN and Newsmax but it’s obvious they don’t have the same depth in reporting as the other networks. You've done work for Newsmax and Fox News, right? What do you really know about what really goes on behind the scenes? What network do you think is the best right now and do you have any thoughts on where a lost Fox News loyalist can turn for news?

Bottom Line: I’ve heard from many listeners in the same place. I’m not sure how helpful I can be, but I’ll try. I’ve been waiting out this week observing reporting practices by networks to get a clearer picture of what’s really going on. There are two quick ways to judge the integrity of the reporting this week. Called races that aren’t yet decided and the characterization of Joe Biden.

For many disenfranchised Fox News consumers, the major catalyst for distrust began Election Night when the network became the first to call Arizona. It’s easily the most irresponsible call since the debacle by many news outlets in Florida’s 2000 election. But it wasn’t just that call, it was also the House. Breaching a universal journalism standard adopted after the Florida 2000 debacle, news organizations aren’t to call races in which voters are still voting. When Fox News called control of the House for Democrats, all polls in western states were still open. Additionally, they projected 5 pickups for Democrats. A week and a half later, 20 races are still too close to call, Republicans have gained a minimum of 6 seats, and control of the House still isn’t settled. Every member of the Fox News Decision Desk should be fired. They violated accepted standards of journalism and were wrong in their rushed judgments. So yes, for as poor as the judgment and reporting was and usually is from all other networks, Fox News was the worst on Election Day. 

Let's talk about the characterization of Joe Biden. On Saturday the Associated Press, in conjunction with NBC News, decided they’d become kingmakers anointing Joe Biden as President-Elect. Almost immediately thereafter almost all other news networks went along with the narrative. Throughout the course of this week, I’ve taken great care to explain why Joe Biden isn’t President-Elect and why it’s irresponsible and frankly an affront to our Republic for him to currently be characterized as such. The only two networks which haven’t used the premature characterization are the two you mentioned. OAN and Newsmax. In this regard, they’ve been the most accurate in their reporting. But you brought up an important point. The depth in the reporting. There’s no doubt the size and scale of the news operations at all other national new organizations dwarfs what's happening at OAN and Newsmax. But then again, the same was true once upon with Fox News as well. As the popularity of Fox News grew, so did revenue and thus the size of the news operations. Perhaps they’ll be a repeat with these two networks.

The credibility crisis at Fox News, and other networks, is less impactful to me than most listeners. I spend most of my time researching and investigating stories myself, thus there’s little time to traditionally consume news. Now, when I do, I’m watching Newsmax more than others, but I do still bounce around a little as well. Which is probably what it’s going to be like for a while on my end. 

You can still rely on Tucker being Tucker and Hannity being Hannity on Fox News if that’s what you’re looking for. Otherwise, Newsmax and OAN will have to grow to have the resources needed to become as in-depth as the major networks. 

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