The Soonest Joe Biden Could Officially Be President-Elect

President-Elect Biden Remarks On ACA As Supreme Court Takes On Case

In my effort to accurately report and inform on this post-election process, I’ve made clear why Joe Biden isn’t yet President-Elect. In short, without a concession from President Trump or states allocating Electoral College votes totaling 270 at a minimum, there is no President-Elect. This raises the question as to when the earliest date is that Joe Biden could potentially become President-Elect. To figure that out, we have to take the leads currently shown in states, along with the dates they certify their votes, to determine when 270 would be reached.

While the date December 8th has been widely reported as a drop-dead date for legal challenges, as that’s the deadline for legal challenges to occur across all states before a December 14th vote by the Electoral College, in reality, the vote certifications in each state represent progressive deadlines. With that in mind, the first states to certify were Delaware, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Vermont. None of which are in question. As of today, Joe Biden has earned six actual Electoral College votes and President Trump leads him with 18. Eliminate media projections from the conversation and that’s the literal state of the Presidential race in real-time. To get to 270, I’m chronologically adding up the Biden states in order of certification dates until 270 is achieved. The drop-dead date is actually December 11th when California certifies its votes. 

So, if President Trump doesn’t concede this race and assuming Joe Biden’s lead holds in all states that are being challenged, the earliest he constitutionally would-be President-Elect is December 11th. Not only are all related declarations by news media false, but it’s also an affront to due process and the United States Constitution. Many in news media go along with the characterization out of ignorance, which is revealing as well given that they’re supposed to be in the informing business, but many know exactly what they’re doing in an effort to attempt to collapse the Trump administration prematurely.

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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