Florida News That Impact You- Nov. 11th

This is a recap of some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida. As a Navy veteran himself, Governor DeSantis issued a Veteran’s Day proclamation honoring Florida’s 1.5 million veterans, "Florida will always honor and support the selfless sacrifices and courage of our military spouses, children and families. We continue working to ensure Florida remains the most veteran-friendly state, offering programs that support Florida’s hardworking, well-trained, and skilled veterans who make great contributions toward Florida’s workforce and economy".

Now let's move to the tropics. The forecast track and intensity for now Hurricane Eta have significantly changed over the past day. It is once again a category 1 hurricane and it's expected to make a second landfall as a tropical storm just north of Tampa tomorrow.

In other news, just in time for the holidays, Florida gas prices reach their lowest levels in over 5 months. It breaks below an average of $2 per gallon. This is the first time since widespread lockdowns have been lifted gas is under the $2 threshold.

Now, let's talk about housing. According to the FHA, 15% of mortgages are behind by at least one payment, the fourth highest rate nationally. There was improvement over the second quarter and the FHA’s data is specific to FHA issued loans.

Lastly, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has lent her support to the Trump campaign’s effort to validate votes in disputed states in the 2020 Presidential election. Moody sai, "Ensuring only lawful votes are counted and ensuring that laws are strictly adhered to in our election process is key to our democracy and essential to upholding faith in government". Moody’s support was joined by nine other state AG’s and calls on the United States Supreme Court to directly hear election disputes in disputed states.

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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