Important Dates For President Trump’s Legal Challenges

By now you’re well aware of how different elections are handled from state to state. You’re also aware President Trump intends to challenge results in every state where alleged impropriety occurred. If President Trump has a path forward in the presidential race, it’ll have to happen in the courts and that’ll have to happen before the states in question certify their votes. It’s now a race against the clock in the states in question.

Let's start with Georgia where alleged ballot processing irregularities in Chatham and Fulton counties are being challenged. The date of vote certification is November 20th. Next up are Pennsylvania and Michigan. The date of vote certification is November 23rd. In Pennsylvania, alleged obstruction of poll watching and alleged back dated ballots accepted are being challenged. In Michigan, alleged obstruction of legal observation by Republican poll watchers in Detroit in addition to invalid voters, including deceased individuals, is being challenged. 

The next state all eyes will be on is Arizona, the allegation is of legitimate votes not being accepted. The date of vote certification is November 30th. The last two states we'll be waiting for are Nevada where alleged out of state and deceased voters allowed to cast ballots is being challenged. The other is Wisconsin, a recount sought and granted will occur by November 17th. For both of these states, the date of vote certification is December 1st.

This provides the view of the possible. President Trump must flip the outcomes to his favor in at least three of these states to win. With three states having certification deadlines by the end of November 23rd, two weeks from yesterday, including the three largest states in question, we have on hard deadlines and our established timeline. The clock is 13 days and counting. Team Trump will have to establish the need for legal relief sufficient for these states to not certify Joe Biden the winner by November 24th, otherwise votes will be certified and Joe Biden will definitively be President-Elect.

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