Presidential Election Key Takeaways – Nov. 4th

Some of the top takeaways of the 2020 election include how pollsters were woefully wrong both on a state by state and national level. Pollster Frank Luntz recently said if President Trump wins the election the polling industry is dead. The polling was so poor generally, regardless of who ends up winning the election, I'd say RIP polling industry. Once again, my Anatomy of a Swing State analysis, adjusting for the flaws in their polls along with other historical factors, will prove to be far more accurate.

Joe Biden will win the national popular vote. Should Donald Trump pull out an Electoral College victory, he’ll be the first President to win twice having lost the National Popular vote in both elections. Should that come to pass, you can imagine the drumbeat on the left to abolish the Electoral College will grow.

Furthermore, there's a split control of Congress. As I outlined in my final Who will Control Congress story. A split control of congress was always the most likely outcome. It appears that will be the case with Republicans retaining control of the Senate and Democrats retaining control of the House.

Now we need patience. There might not be absolute clarity on the Presidential race prior to Friday.

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