Florida Vote By Mail And Early Voting Update For Nov. 2nd

Tomorrow is Election Day. Floridians, up to and including President Trump, took advantage of the ability to vote-by-mail and early vote in record numbers. In recent election cycles, more Floridians had voted early than on Election Day or by mail. It remains to be seen if that will be the case after record requests with votes by mail. As of Sunday’s update from the Florida Division of Elections, over 8.7 million votes have been cast. Democrats have outvoted Republicans by 94,325 total ballots and Republicans have outvoted Democrats for 12 consecutive days.

Republicans have to feel great about where they are heading into Election Day. Four years ago, Democrats had a 96,450-ballot advantage over Republicans and President Trump won by about 113,000 votes. With Republicans heading into Election Day with an even more narrow deficit, provided that historical trends hold, in which Republicans outvote Democrats meaningfully on Election Day, there could be good news up and down the ballot for Republicans in Florida on Tuesday.

At the onset of this process, I mentioned that the number I’m watching is 209,450 entering Election Day. Based on history and GOP turnout out trends, if Democrats lead by more than 209,450 votes cast by Election Day, it’ll likely bode well for Democrats. The inverse would be true for Republicans. 

Photo by: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

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