Changes Might Be Coming Soon To South Beach

The party may be over soon on South Beach.

Miami Beach commissioners will be looking to the immediate and the distant futures today in their last scheduled meeting until September.

Mayor Dan Gelber wants commissioners to pass his proposal for a midnight last call and total re-branding of South Beach's Entertainment District.

Miami Beach commissioners hearing from residents and business owners about the Mayor's proposal to move last call to midnight in the Entertainment District and re-brand the area as an arts and cultural hub.

Before going in front of the commission again for final votes, the proposal must clear committees.

Businessman Gerald Bouhana says it won't fix the problems.

However resident Ken Koppel believes things have gotten out of control.

Final votes on this proposal won't come for months.

He envisions it as a more art and cultural destination.

Commissioners will also discuss whether they'll need emergency meetings in August because of the coronavirus.

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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