City Of Miami May Sue Miami-Dade County

The City of Miami is considering its legal options after the Mayor says the County is negotiating in bad faith offering its cities far less CARES Act money than they believe they deserve.

The County anticipates getting nearly $475-million in CARES Act money to divvy up.

The County has already announced its giving $35-million in federal funds to help restaurants recover and $20-million to the United Way.

Francis Suarez says the mayor last week proposed to county commissioners divvying up $135-million to cities with an additional $70-million in reserves.

Now it has dropped to $30-million.

Miami's Mayor announcing the city is considering suing Miami-Dade County over the lack of CARES Act funds being allocated to it.

Francis Suarez says local municipalities were willing to take 75% of what was owed to them.

Mayor Suarez says based on federal guidelines his city should get $81-million in coronavirus relief funds, but were willing to take $60-million.

He believes there is no justification.

Suarez says that money should be used to pay firefighters and police and avoid raising taxes.

Miami-Dade's Mayor is planning to respond to Mayor Suarez's comments and the potential lawsuit during a 2p press conference.

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