COVID-19 July 23rd Update

Wednesday brought about the highest daily case count around the world yet. It also was the deadliest since April 21st. There are now, 15,382,848 cases, 630,369 deaths, and 9,356,375 recoveries worldwide. Thankfully the news improved the closer to home. In the US the daily case count was the 5th highest to date, though it was the deadliest, with more than 1,200 Americans dying, since May 29th. Still, the seven-day moving average of cases declined once again and has been on the decline since Sunday. We now have 4,101,000 cases, 146,185 deaths, and 1,942,815 recoveries. 

In Florida, we have 369,834 cases, 5,207 deaths, and 39,217 recoveries. Wednesday continued the improved trend of lower average daily cases, with a second consecutive day below 10,000. As of now, Friday marked the seven-day peak of the pandemic in Florida. Fingers crossed we can continue with this trend. The 140 related deaths reported were the second-highest of the pandemic, however, this was expected given last week’s peak in cases. South Florida remains the epicenter of the pandemic in Florida. There are 143 zip codes in South Florida which are hotspots.

The overall positive test rate continues to rise in Florida, though the positive test rate remains questionable after it was revealed that certain medical labs in Florida only reported the positive results starting around July 4th. The importance of using proper safety measures like wearing masks in public and socially distancing remains the same. The increase in testing combined with improved treatment options for those critically ill is clearly making a positive difference. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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