COVID-19 July 14th Update

Monday brought about the second-highest new daily case counts in the United States and in Florida. With cases continuing to surge in California and Oregon bars are closed and no indoor dining at restaurants. A policy that’s similar to what Miami-Dade recently implemented. 

As of this entry, there are 13,242,693 cases, 575,663 deaths, and 7,709,166 recoveries worldwide. In the US, we have 3,479,483 cases, 138,247 deaths, and 1,549,469 recoveries. For closed cases around the world, the death rate has been 7% since the onset of the pandemic. In the United States, it stands at 8% currently.

In Florida, we have 282,435 cases, 4,277 deaths, and 33,290 recoveries. Monday, we had our second highest daily new case count with 12,624 new cases and are now averaging over 10k per day over the past week while averaging 72 daily deaths, both new highs. While there’s hope we’ll see a leveling off that’s currently unclear. Hospitalizations are at the highest levels of the pandemic and Governor DeSantis has requested 1,500 emergency nurses from FEMA to alleviate the burden and staffing issues around the state. DeSantis confirmed that the state received a shipment of remdesivir and it reached Florida’s hospitals over the weekend. 

South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties having the most cases in that order. The overall positive test rate continues to rise in Florida. After reaching a low of 5.2%, the rate since testing began has risen to 10.7%. The average age of someone diagnosed with the virus remains 39. We’re seeing the spike in cases coming from both an increase in testing and predominantly from increased community spread. This reinforces the importance of using proper safety measures like wearing masks in public and socially distancing. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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