Hurricane History For July

There are six months to hurricane season but as you're aware, there's nothing even about the activity within them. After a busy start to the season with three named storms before the end of the first week of the season, the tropics have calmed down considerably. Then again, June historically is the month with the fewest named storms. Activity traditionally picks up a tick in July. Based on historical activity, here’s a look at where we really are entering July.

Record keeping for the Atlantic hurricane season began officially in 1851. By looking at how many storms have formed in each month, here's how far through hurricane season we typically are by July:

  • 7.3% of all tropical storms have occurred prior to July
  • 4% of all hurricanes have occurred prior to July

Based on typical activity we have well over 90% of hurricane season in front of us still. July is the 4th most active month for tropical storm development and fifth most active for hurricane formation. So, what typically happens in July?

  • We average .7 tropical storms and .3 hurricanes 

For the entire month of July, we only average one named tropical system. Here’s to hoping that June’s inactivity was a precursor of what’s to come this month.

Photo by: NOAA via Getty Images

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