Is It Possible To Have A Good Morning Without Coffee?

Research has demonstrated that most people, most of the time, wake up in a bad mood. It’s not too complicated to track either. You can do it for yourself. Make a note of the first thing you think of each day and see if it’s generally something positive or negative. On average, it’s only positive about a day a week for most people. So, with that being said, new research from OnePoll suggests we at least try to start our day with a positive frame of mind. According to the study, 85% of us say we try to make an effort to be positive at some point early in the day. Whether that’s successful is another thing. As for the one must. More than any other single answer, it’s coffee. 

the study says that 50% say they need coffee to have a good morning. You can count me in that group by the way. What’s interesting in wading through what I’ve shared with you along with some of the other details in the research is how we should best go about our morning to try to maximize our positivity to start our day with a better frame of mind. Nearly 90% of Americans drink coffee. Even if you’re not in the 50% camp, who would say it’s not even possible to be happy with coffee. There's no question that for coffee drinkers, it’s key to enhancing one’s mood early on. It’s also known that drinking at least one full glass of water immediately after waking up aids your overall wellbeing as we become dehydrated while sleeping. To put it all together, we’d be best served by setting up our morning to include a glass of water immediately upon waking, followed by chasing it with our first cup of coffee before doing anything of consequence. 

Try it for a week and see how it goes and also track those first thoughts when you wake up. 

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