According To Us, Florida Is Well Represented In Washington

Florida’s complicated. We always have been and probably always will be. We’re about as diverse as any state comes. And of course, when it comes to our politics, we’re known to be as evenly divided in our views as any state in the country. That’s why it caught my attention last year when vast support for all our statewide elected officials was expressed. Most notably Governor DeSantis and Senators Rubio and Scott.

Morning Consult conducts ongoing approval polling of governors and senators surveying over 5,000 Floridians routinely. Once a quarter they produce the results and we just received them for the end of 2019. Survey says it's clear we think we’re well represented. 

The net approval ratings for Senator Rubio is over 16% and for Senator Scott is over 11%. As for Governor DeSantis, he's up over 36%. All three maintain large double-digit net approval ratings against the third quarter of last year. In fact, the only change is that Marco Rubio’s net approval rating is three points higher today than three months ago. 

As negative as politics has become, especially Washington politics, we’re not only satisfied with our top elected officials in Florida, we’re increasingly pleased with their performance. When you look at our state’s performance, it makes sense. Floridians enjoy record low unemployment, record-high wages, best education outcomes in our state’s history and we have the benefit of living where most of the world wishes they could be. 

Something I’m mindful of when it comes to politicians and public employees generally, they’re there to serve and represent our interests. When we make good decisions and get it right, what we’re able to achieve is powerful. 

Photo by: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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