Florida News Headlines For January 13th

These are some of the biggest news headlines from around the state that also impact South Florida.

Let's start with Florida’s state session set to kick off. Governor DeSantis has highlighted his top agenda items. He’s declared 2020 the 'Year of the Teacher', as he’s seeking raises of up to 26% for teachers statewide. He also stated the momentum created last year on environmental issues must have follow-through in this year’s session along with a push for E-Verify statewide. In related news, the Florida Education Association is holding a “Take on Tallahassee” rally/protest at the state capital. Under Florida law, strikes or any activity that leads to a work stoppage is forbidden. There’s a question about whether participating teachers could face discipline for taking time off to participate. 

In other news, at least a dozen Saudi military members are set to be expelled from military bases, including Naval Air Station Pensacola, after an investigation following December’s terror attack. Finally, Park officials at Everglades National Park have temporarily closed the trail near Pahyokee Overlook after a woman was bitten by an alligator while hiking with a professor and 14 other students. The woman is expected to make a full recovery. 

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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