How Often Do Florida Senators And House Members Vote With President Trump?

It’s safe to say that while there’s a lot of diversity in Florida, there’s also a lot of division. South Florida vs. North. East coast vs. West coast. Eastern time vs. Central. We’ve got a little of everything going on. One thing we currently have is near statewide unity with statewide elected officials. While Florida’s very much a purple state politically on balance, it’s redder than not. Prior to 2018, there was only one statewide elected Democrat. Senator Bill Nelson. Exiting the 2018 cycle there still was just one, Nikki Fried. It’s safe to say that when we compare the votes of Florida’s Senators to President Trump, who also carried Florida in 2016, there’s going to be far more that unites Florida’s senators with President Trump than divides. But still, how often do you think Senators Rubio and Scott vote with President Trump’s position in Congress? Who do you think is most likely to take up the President’s position? Based on all votes through 2019, Rubio took Trump's side 90% while Scott was a tad behind at 89.7%. I bet most would expect Rick Scott to vote more frequently with President Trump than Marco Rubio, though that’s not the case. I suspect many on the left would believe they’re both rubber stamps for the president. 

Let's look at Florida’s Congressional Representatives in the House. Who is the least likely in Florida to vote with President Trump? Who do you think is most likely? Rather than laundry listing all of Florida’s Congressional Reps, I’m going to break out South Florida’s Reps. Based on all votes through 2019:

  • Mario Diaz Balart: 92.2%
  • Brian Mast: 92%
  • Lois Frankel: 14.9%
  • Ted Deutch: 14.4%
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 13%
  • Frederica Wilson: 11%
  • Alcee Hastings: 9.5%
  • Debbie Murcarsel-Powell: 4.9%
  • Donna Shalala: 4.9%

Would you have guessed that Mario Diaz Balart has been a more reliable vote for President Trump’s positions than Brian Mast? That both have been more reliable votes for the president than senators Rubio and Scott? And would you have ever guessed that Florida’s two freshman Democrats Debbie Murcarsel-Powell and Donna Shalala would be the hardest left of Florida’s Congressional Representatives? While all of Florida’s Democrats voted to impeach President Trump, Murcarsel-Powell and Shalala’s voting records are among the hardest left in the country. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez votes with President Trump just over 14% of the time. There’s a story to be told for sure in South Florida and yes, we evidently are just that divided politically in South Florida. 

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