Put A Plant On Your Desk And Don’t Stress Out

Most South Floridians appreciate the benefit of being able to enjoy themselves outdoors throughout the year. In fact, it was that very factor over 15 years ago that led me to realize almost immediately that I never wanted to leave. There’s ample evidence that time outdoors is good for us in just about every way. But what about when we’re required to stay indoors? There’s a simple solution that could help you feel better and far less stressed. What is it? You probably guessed by the headline of this story. Put a plant on your desk. 

According to a study published in HortTechnology, placing a plant on your desk could be the magic bean for less stress in the workplace. In the study, office workers would be instructed to take three-minute breaks when they were stressed. In the control employees, the same employees went through a series of breaks at their desks with no changes. After gaining measurements on stress levels, these employees were given desk plants and told to interact with them for the three-minute breaks. The interacting included caring for the plants. Almost all employees studied had lower stress levels taking the three-minute breaks with the plants.

The key to a more productive and less stressed you in 2020 could simply be a desk plant away.

Photo by: Balint Porneczi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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