German Zoo Reports Animal Deaths After Fireworks Inferno

New Year's Eve fireworks and lanterns are blamed for sparking a fire at a German zoo that killed dozens of animals.

Krefeld Zoo, north of Dusseldorf, reports that their ape building was destroyed by the fire.

The building was home to chimpanzees, gorillas, and fruit bats that were all burned alive.

Zoo managers say it's a miracle that firefighters were able to rescue two chimps named Bally and Limbo. The chimps were heard screaming and suffered just minor burns.

The Gorilla Garden, which is near the ape building, was spared by the fire.

According to The Sun: "Both the zoo and city officials said that they didn't know the exact cause of the fire and that police are investigating.

They would not confirm reports by local media that New Year's fireworks could have sparked the killer blaze.

However, reports from the scene claim three banned sky lanterns were found in the charred remains of the enclosure"

Image courtesy Getty

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