How Much Is Too Much Family Time During The Holidays?

We all have our breaking points even when it comes to the stuff we enjoy. There’s a reason for the saying “too much of a good thing”. When it comes to family there are two truisms. They’re the only family we’ve got and we can’t choose them. Except for the in-laws as the case may be.

Every holiday season we have the obligatory stories about dealing with differences and avoiding stressful topics blah, blah, blah. This isn’t one of those stories. Instead, it’s new information about how much of our families we can take before “it becomes too much of a good thing”. Think about your family. How much time is the right amount of time before you wish you were doing about anything else? Have an answer? 

Well, according to a study commissioned by Motel 6 and conducted by One Poll the average person’s line of demarcation is 3 hours and 54 minutes. Then it’s on to the feats of strength! Or something like that. On a positive note, we still love our families and 95% of us think it’s important to have family time during the holidays, although 40% say it’s always a stressful experience. 

Photo by: Getty Images



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