Americans Say They're Too Busy To Exercise

Why don't more Americans exercise? They say it's because they're too busy. A new survey asked 2,000 people about their exercise habits and 79% said they feel happier when they stick to a regular workout routine. But 48% said they were too busy because of work or family to exercise at all.

Just over half said that sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day drained them of their energy and 60% said they are too tired to hit the gym after a day on the job.

On average, employed Americans get a little over three hours of exercise per week, but 61% said they'd like to get that number up to nine hours. When asked about a midday workout break, 75% said they think they'd be twice as productive if they had time in the middle of the day to exercise.

People polled in the survey also said they'd be more motivated and likely to work out if their employer paid for their gym membership.

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