CNN Host Suffers Epic Fail In Impeachment Stunt

CNN host Chris Cuomo is being embarrassed by his own mother.

In a live segment that was part of the network's impeachment coverage, Cuomo called his mother to try and prove how easy it is to overhear a person's phone call. It didn't go as planned. The panelists sitting alongside Cuomo and CNN reporter Dana Bash couldn't hear Cuomo's call to mom and the experiment was a bust.

Cuomo was trying to prove how U.S. diplomat David Holmes could have overheard President Trump on a cell phone call with E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

Twitter users had a field day with the flub. Many comparing it to the decision to have O.J. Simpson try on the pair of gloves found at the scene of his wife's murder.

Scheduled testimony in the Judiciary Committee's impeachment inquiry has come to an end.

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