The Solar Power Boom

As the US economy continues to grow, so does our demand for power. That’s always been the case and aside from added efficiencies to help get more out of the power resources we already have; we have to consistently ramp up the capacity for power supplies across the country including right here in South Florida. If you’ve been following what FPL’s new power plans have entailed, adding solar power plants to add to the existing FPL power footprint, you have the template that’s increasingly being used across the country. 

According to CNBC’s analysis, 30% of all new power brought online over the past year in the US has been from solar. With only 2% of the US power supply currently comprised of solar, this kind of growth, which includes 15 times the solar of our existing grid, will rapidly ramp up solar scale across the country. And that’s if new power generation remains at 30% solar and doesn’t continue to increase as it rapidly has over the past three years. 

The real key to the solar boom is power companies, like FPL, making the move on their end, as opposed to one-offs by homeowners who’re often reluctant to bite off the big onetime expense unless it’s already part of a new home’s construction. Solar’s booming faster than ever and it’s pacing a quadrupling of its current footprint in the US within the next decade.

Photo by: GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images

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