Impeachment Backlash

We are days into what feels like an endless witch hunt, ahem process to “inquire” about President Trump for the purpose of impeaching him, excuse me, get to the truth Americans appear to be increasingly skeptical. During the Clinton impeachment proceedings, President Clinton benefited by about ten points from the low point prior to the proceedings until the conclusion of the Senate trial. Much remains to be seen in this process, including whether the House actually votes to impeach, though it appears increasingly likely that Democrats are bent on that idea. 

In any event, despite every effort being made to attempt to paint President Trump in the worst possible light by 96% of news coverage, according to the Media Research Center, and a rigged process in the House in which Democrats only call witnesses they want to testify, they still haven’t convinced more Americans that what they’re doing is right. In fact, it’s going the other way. In the weekly tracking polls, here’s what we’re seeing versus this time last week when impeachment proceedings weren’t factored into poll numbers yet: 

  • Reuters: Trump+1
  • Economist: Trump +1
  • Politico: Trump +1
  • Gallup: Trump +2
  • Rasmussen: Trump +3

Five pollsters and President Trump’s higher in all of them. Any questions?

Photo by: Getty Images

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