Highlights From Around The State; Florida's Recap

Your daily recap of some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida.

Governor DeSantis proposed a change to Florida’s best and brightest program that would provide merit-based bonuses of up to $7,500 for teachers and $10,000 for principals and would provide preference to teachers who educate predominately low-income children. In other news, opioids deaths were down in Florida year over year by 13% according to the Medical Examiners Commission. The bad news is that South Florida is still the epicenter. Palm Beach County recorded 278 deaths last year, Broward 271 and Miami-Dade 141.

The FPL will lower power bills by an average of $4 per home starting January 1st due to lower natural gas prices. And lastly, Florida has now topped 3,000 Hepatitis A cases this year with an additional 58 recorded in the past week, there were 3,028 cases reported this year. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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