A Look At The Stock Market After The Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Lest there be any doubt about what happened yesterday at the impeachment hearing process, you need to look no further than the stock market. What started out as a down day for the markets, prior to the impeachment hearings, ended with record highs. Not even concerns about China trade going sideways could keep the market down. That's because the big charade to impeach President Trump was exposed for what it was for any and all honest observers to see. Let’s be clear if there was even a hint that President Trump could be in jeopardy, there's no way in Hades we close at record highs. Since President Trump’s election win, the performance in the major stock market are as follows:

  • DOW:+9,461 points, +52%
  • NASDAQ:+3,289 points, +63%
  • S&P 500:+955 points, +45%

To cite the President. With an economy like this who’d want to impeach your president? The answer, people who place their own political power and personal interests above that of the average American. But Americans are winning with record low unemployment, record-high wages, record opportunity, record net worth and record retirement account balances.

Photo by: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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