Q&A – The Seriousness Of The Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump

Today’s entry - You and Trump aren't giving enough attention to the seriousness of the impeachment proceedings. You have a lot of Republican Senators who are wimps and could change their mind in a second. The constant ranting by the Dems, the press, and cable stations are overwhelming. And no, the public is not smart enough to see through this attempted coup. Why isn't Lindsay Graham and other senators conducting hearings into the Bidens, Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower? They're all talk. Where is the IG Report that should have been released 6 months ago?

Bottom Line: Wednesday’s hearings kick off the public portion of the House impeachment process, set to dominate the news cycle. So, now’s a good time to address questions like what you’ve asked. First, to your concern that I, nor President Trump are taking the impeachment inquiry process as seriously as we should. I can’t speak for the President but from my perspective, I’m taking it as it deserves to be taken at this stage of the process. I’m dealing with facts and details as we learn them and otherwise not dwelling on the impeachment inquiry process at the expense of other stories and content I create and present. 

Let’s be clear on what this is and where we are in the impeachment process. We’re in an inquiry stage. No matter what happens at this stage in the process President Trump’s day-to-day isn’t impacted, except to the extent he’s distracted by this process. I have the feeling that he takes this quite seriously but the country is best served by him ignoring it as much as possible. His counsel is monitoring the process and will be crafting whatever response is needed. Aside from the effort to potentially remove President Trump from office, there are other objectives Democrats who’ve approved of this process hope to achieve. They include isolating the President by discouraging the highest quality people from wanting to man key posts in his administration for fear of being dragged into all of this and to distract him from being as effective as president as possible. The more attention President Trump pays to this process in the day-to-day, the more he potentially plays into the Democrat’s hands. 

Elections have consequences and the impeachment process in the House of Representatives is a political process. Many Democrats ran campaigns last year on impeaching the President. They won a majority granting them control of the House. It’s not terribly surprising that they were looking for any opportunity to bring this process about. I’m covering it as it’s constructed, pure politics. The Constitution allows for the House to use broad definitions of “High crimes and Misdemeanors” to impeach the president. That’s what Democrats are doing. No amount of attention or “seriousness” paid to this process will change anything that happens. From the onset, I stated that the premise of this entire process is a false one. That to me is a serious analysis of a political process. 

As for Senators being wimps, first thing’s first. It’s not a given that the House will impeach the President. We can spend a lot of time talking about a hypothetical situation in the Senate. It’s not a given that Democrats will impeach President Trump in the House, and until and unless they proceed with articles of impeachment, we don’t even know what the charges would be that the Senate would consider. Second, in matters of the law, Senate Republicans have been rock solid. President Trump is setting records with the number and efficiency of federal judges confirmed. 

The IG report and investigations you’d like to see surface. I hear you. But be mindful that William Barr has been AG for under a year. Mueller’s team took nearly two years to do their work. 

Hopefully, that helps paint the picture as to why I’m handling the proceedings the way I am and why President Trump isn’t solely dedicated to the process.

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