Report: ABC News "Scrambling" After Comments Of Epstein Cover-Up Surface

Bosses at ABC News are reportedly are scrambling after a video of the "Good Morning America" reporter Amy Robach, was caught on a hot mic claiming the network scrapped her interview with an Epstein accuser to keep a good relationship with the royal family.

Robach can be heard complaining that she spend three years trying to get an interview with Virginia Roberts Giruffre, who allegedly was a sex slave of Epstein and forced to sleep with Prince Andrew.

The Chiefs at ABC News released a statement and so did Robach.

Both were quick to say the comments were spoken at out of anger and the reporting wasn't sufficient enough to make those claims. However, ABC said they've been working on a two-hour documentary on Epstein soon.

Sounds to us like they were just protecting the Royal family and Epstein.

For more information, please read here.

You can also read the statement below:

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