Latest Census Picture Shows An Increase Move To Florida

It’s nothing new for Florida to welcome thousands of people from other states every year. What is new is the speed at which people are leaving certain states for ours, the total number of people moving to Florida daily and the extent to which people are relocating. It’s no secret that the Trump tax plan which limited state and local tax deductions, has increased the rate of relocation's from high tax states. Not only did Florida gain more than 63,000 people from New York last year, we gained 63% more people from Connecticut. It didn’t stop there. In fact, according to the most recent Census information, Florida gained population from every state in the union. 

That even includes adding nearly 1,400 people from Alaska and more than 3,000 from Hawaii. Florida didn’t just lead the country in relocations. We pulled from every corner of this country and abroad. We've added over 221,000 people from other countries. Florida’s combination of low taxes, good economy, climate, nature, and lifestyle has made it likely the most desired location in the world. I did double-takes going through the Census information. I’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, this is what already happened. Real-time information based on moving company estimates suggests if anything the momentum might be picking up. 

The bad news is more traffic. The good news is Florida’s continued emergence as an economic powerhouse. 

Photo by: Getty Imag

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