Do Halloween Costumes Offend You Or Are You Offended By Those Who Are?

I’ll be blunt. I don’t know what the hell is going on on most college campuses, but it is not good. I mean, at least if you like freedom and liberty. The YouGov survey shows that 70% of Millennials are keen on voting for socialists next year. Now, a College Pulse poll from current college students across the country on Halloween costumes asked the question, "Are highly offensive Halloween costumes a protected form of free speech on campus, or should students who wear them be punished?"

Now, the first glaring detail here is what the definition of “highly offensive” is. Who will be the arbiter of the highly offended? Do we just find the most offended person and go with their take? No matter, undeterred, by a margin of 55%-45% college students now don’t believe in freedom of expression which is to say that 55% think we should punish offensive costume wearers. 

Excuse the cynicism but it’s a coping mechanism. The most formally educated are rapidly becoming anti-American. From the belief in an anti-American form of government, socialism, to the end of freedom of expression. I’ll say again if you’re leaving your kids to the education establishment unchecked, you might be horrified by what you find you’ve raised. As for me, count me among those offended by those who’re offended by Halloween costumes.

Photo by: Getty Images AsiaPac



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