The Impeachment Inquiry Is Based On A False Premise

With the impeachment inquiry vote set to take place, it’s important to reset and remember not to be led down the primrose path of the news cycle. Let’s remember what the impeachment inquiry is really all about.

It started with a conspiracy that included a fraudulently created Dossier and false petitioning of the FISA court to surveil Donald Trump’s campaign. It continued during his time as President. A conspiracy carried out with top-level officials at the Obama Justice Department, intelligence agencies and State Department. The entire narrative of Trump-Russia collusion planted by that conspiracy proved to be false after a two-year investigation. The actors in the conspiracy, currently under investigation by the Justice Department, included former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He was recommended for indictment, not so-coincidently just a few days prior to the whistle-blower who wasn’t a witness coming forward, nearly two months after the call he didn’t witness took place. As I’ve pointed out over the past month, a remotely honest and intellectually curious news media would report extensively on a former FBI Director being recommended for indictment due to improper activities during the 2016 election cycle. Instead, in today’s world, the news media shows that Andrew McCabe is instead a paid contributor to CNN. This is much bigger than politics. 

The federal government is extensively corrupt and has been with career entrenched officials serving themselves rather than you. Donald Trump was a threat from the word go, hence the “insurance policy” as FBI Agent Peter Strozk communicated to FBI attorney Lisa Page. The insurance policy was a corrupt conspiracy that laid the groundwork for the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative. This entire Ukraine call from July is the biggest pile of lies to date. It’s a false premise and what you might refer to as “insurance policy #2”. 

As I’ve stated, when the House Investigation first began to reveal what happened leading to all of this, the most important function of President Trump isn’t policy. It’s accountability for the deep-state actors aligned at the highest levels of federal government agencies. If they were to go unchecked and get away with conspiracy against the President of the United States, not only would we not all be equal under the law, we’d be living in a banana republic. But that’s not the only concern here. 

Aside from attempting to remove President Trump from office through conspiracy, there’s also a secondary effort to isolate him as president. We’ve seen unprecedented pressure, criticism and accusations leveled at numerous administration officials throughout his administration. There’s been a clear effort to isolate President Trump and to discourage high-quality people from being within his administration. I know firsthand, it’s been effective to keep certain people desired by President Trump from joining his administration. Any American who cares more about their country than their political party should want the best possible people in the most important places within the Trump administration. 

I’ll stick with facts and operate with integrity. It's desperately needed in today’s media landscape.

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