70% Of Millennials Support Socialism And 33% Communism

It’s not exactly new information that a growing number of young adults have taken to the idea of socialism. It is new information that a third of them are even warm to communism. What still isn’t being adequately discussed and addressed is what the heck is happening in our classrooms that’s leading to all of this. There are quite literally no two forms of government that are more anti-American than socialists and communists. In one the government controls everything, including how much money you’re allowed to have. On the other the government controls the means of production but doesn’t specifically limit earning power. Why in the world would Americans ever think this is a good idea? Forget the real-world real-time examples like Cuba and Venezuela for a moment. As recently as my generation, the Gen Xer’s, we were overwhelmingly capitalists and far more likely as a generation to want to start our own businesses than have the government control all business. 

This new information comes via YouGov, an accredited pollster. Even if the numbers were off by 10%, they’d still be unacceptability high. According to a recent study Millennials and the Future of Work, 58% of Millennials are entrepreneurs or are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. Here’s the thing. That’s not even possible with socialism or communism in which the government controls the means of production. Clearly, most Millennials are economically clueless. I’m not saying that to be mean. It’s reality. We already have research that shows that most college grads are economically illiterate. 70% of Millennials supportive of a government that wouldn’t allow them to own and operate their own business which 58% of them want. 

Somewhere along the way, as a society, we’ve got to start getting real about education. It should not be possible for formally educated adults to be so completely clueless. It’s clear that the education establishment is thoroughly failing our kids when it comes to all things civics, government and economic in nature. As parents, you’ve got to take an active role in educating your kids. As a society, we have got to demand change within our education establishments. Nothing about this is acceptable and it is new. My generation, which includes adults as young as the upper 30’s wasn’t taught this way. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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